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WinZip Pro 28.2 Crack With Torrent Free Dow

Winzip pro crack

WinZip Pro Crack is an application that you can use to keep large data in any format. You can drag the large files to PDF and then lock them in one place if you have a large thesis or the details of your business and after several attempts, you are unable to share the files then you do need to split the large document into different parts or consume the space but you can use this app and can share large or high volumes files. This app not only supports documents but if you want to zip the images, any URLs, or screenshots of your documents with one click.

Uses of this app:

When you zip the large data there is no means it may lose quality. But each and every word will be of full quality and this app will keep the data fully away from threats, crashes, or viruses. The other benefit of this app is that it can arrange your large data or when you will enter the data it becomes fully free from errors. If there are images then this app can remove the errors. If your images are blurry or in low resolution then this app can enhance the resolution of the pictures.


  • If you drag the files in the app and you want all these drives to be merged then you will not need to copy the data from one file to another file or from one page to another, you just simply utilize the tools of this app and can merge the files or pages with a click.
  • After converting the data into zip form, if you want to make the data unzip. You can also unzip it. And save it to your PC the same as it is as you have before.

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  • You can open the zip data. Then you can delete those pages which are unnecessary or you can add new pages within seconds.
  • If you have sensitive data and you want to keep it with more security on your PC. Then you can drag the data to this app and you can put the pattern or password on the file. After that, no one will be able to open your zip data.
  • This app can compress the files not only but it can clean your pc on a daily routine without your effort.


This app you can use to reduce the size of the data automatically:

If you have very large size data and you feel that the computer does not store the large data files then you can drag the data to this app will reduce the size of your files automatically. The data will be the same, but the size will be short.

It keeps your data saved from unauthorized access: 

This app you can use for saving data from unauthorized access. No one can open your document because if there is any threat this app will pick up the issue or inform you that it will not only inform you. However, save your data from third parties who stole your data.


WinZip Pro is an app with a multitype of working. Install the app and create more space on your PC. There is no means that once you will convert the data and now you cannot read it, but the data will be in readable form or you can also edit them in this app. If this is your picture you can resize the picture or you can edit the other things. If this is your document, you can set the data your way without any restrictions.

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